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For Employers that have questions regarding compliance with the Affordable Care Act we have some basic information below that may help:

Who needs to provide the notice?

Any employer that is subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

o Applies to employers who offer health insurance and employers who don’t

Includes employers who offer self-insured and insured plans

When is it due?

Current employees: No later than October 1, 2013

New employees: Beginning October 1, 2013

Until new guidance is issued, employers will have 14 days to provide the notice to new employees

Is there a template for the notice?

Yes. DOL provided two model notices:

Employers who currently offer health insurance to any or all employees can use this notice:

Employers who do not offer health insurance to any employees can use this notice:

The Model Notice does not have to be used. Employers have the option to draft their own notice as long as it


1. A description of what Exchanges are, what they provide, and where employees can go to find more

information about them;

2. Information regarding available tax credits if the employer doesn’t provide minimum essential coverage

and the employee purchases health insurance on the Exchange;


3. A statement that employees who purchase coverage on the Exchange may lose any employer

contributions and that these contributions may be excludable from employees’ income when they file their Federal income tax.

Where can I find additional information? 

For additional information you can visit any of the links provided below: