Increase Productivity By Decreasing Distractions

April 3, 2020

Whether you’re pro or against remote work, many of us are doing it out of necessity due to the coronavirus pandemic. For some, this change has brought unforeseen stress and decreased productivity. Our homes have been taken over by computers and workstations, and our new offices are now filled with distractions many have never encountered during the usual workday. To help ease you into this transition, we’ve provided ways to reduce distractions and increase productivity.

  • Music may be your muse – Relaxing, soft tones and classical music can calm nerves and anxiousness and also provides a new background to help drown out other noises one may hear.
    Check boxes – Creating and following a to-do list can help keep you on track and keep your productivity level high. Whether digital or traditional pen and paper, a crossing of items or checking boxes on a list can be extremely satisfying!
  • Get moving – Remember to get up and move throughout the day. Working at a traditional office can provide opportunities to walk around, go to meetings and chat at the water cooler. However, working from home may make people feel isolated. Try to plan breaks throughout the day to give yourself time to stretch and walk around.
  • Recreate the office – Where possible, try to recreate an office atmosphere complete with a desk and chair and maybe even add some personal touches to make it feel comfortable. If you’re fortunate to have an office with a door, you can reduce noise from other areas of the home by closing the door to distractions.
  • Monitor screen time – Because our days are now spent on computers and even our meetings are held through screens, our eyes may become overly tired from too much screen time. Your eyes need breaks just like your body! Remember to take breaks from your computer screen to allow your eyes to rest. Wearing blue-light reducing glasses may also help decrease the effects of long hours at the computer.

Although distractions can be frustrating, we hope these ideas can help you reduce them and get you feeling comfortable and productive in your new surroundings.