Why wait? File early!

March 12, 2020

Procrastinators beware. Getting ahead of the deadline and filing your tax return early can offer many benefits. Check out a few reasons to file early.

  1. Stress less – Waiting until the last minute can spike stress levels. If you plan ahead, you can decrease the amount of stress by taking your time filing the return and reducing any anxiousness during the process. With the extended deadline to July 15, 2020, you still have plenty of time to do your final checks and balances and file the return early.
  2. Ease your mind – After your return is filed with the IRS, your personal information is secure and cannot be used by another person for filing. Completing your return can help eliminate the risk of another person using your personal information and possibly stealing your identity.
  3. Receive your results fast – If you are due to receive a refund, you may possibly receive it earlier.
  4. Appreciate the extra time – Having a bit of extra time can provide the opportunity to review your return and ensure you identify additional savings.
  5. Take advantage of more time to pay your bill. If you owe money, filing your return early can give you more time to save and pay your bill by the deadline.

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